Broadband access is a crucial component of economic development. The Connected community certification program will facilitate the building of a comprehensive action plan for developing a technology-ready community.
Rachel Smolinski, Executive Director, Harbor Area Regional Board of Resources, Inc., Michigan

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St. Clair County Metropolitan Planning Commission

St. Clair County was the third in Michigan and the sixth in the nation to obtain Connected certification. Along with certification, the county worked collaboratively on developing the St. Clair County Technology Action Plan. Our Action Plan is a roadmap for our broadband future. It details our current status and clearly outlines steps to take in order to fill the broadband gaps in the county. We are currently addressing the recommendations laid out in the plan. An unexpected benefit to our broadband committee has been the collaboration of IT professionals. IT is generally a competitive and guarded field. The committee attendees have stated that they appreciate and benefit from hearing what their peers are doing in a setting that is championed by a neutral party.

Lori Eschenburg, St. Clair County Metropolitan Planning Commission, Michigan

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