We knew we had a problem, but it sat unaddressed for a number of years. We didn’t address it because we didn’t know how to start, where to go for help and besides most of our peers (rural counties) had the same issue. This is where Connected came in.
Dan Massy, Community Development, Osceola County, Michigan

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Manchester was recently recognized as an “Iowa Connected Community” and I was part of the team that gathered the information and created the plan for future improvements. To the best of my knowledge this was the first time that anyone in our area has made an effort to gather information about the existing broadband access and to think about what will be needed for the future. I knew very little about the availability and scope of the internet services within our community as we entered this project even though I use the internet daily and recognize its importance as a tool of commerce and social wellbeing.

Jack Klaus, Executive Director, Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce, Iowa

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