Perry County and Village of Somerset Technology Assessment

Perry County and Somerset are partnering with the State of Ohio to better understand how connected community residents are to the Internet, and what use they make of it and other communications technologies. The purpose of this study is to guide community leaders in improving economic opportunities for our residents through better connectivity and more use of technology by all.

It is important to understand how the residents, businesses, institutions, and the many other interrelated components of our community are accessing, adopting, and using the Internet and related technologies. This data will be used to inform a community-wide strategic plan to build a more digitally inclusive and economically advanced community.

Several surveys have been developed that are designed to capture data from the many sectors of our community. Please examine the survey descriptions below and choose the survey that best fits your role in our community. You may find, however, that you fit the description of multiple surveys. For example, you are a resident and also operate a small business, please complete both surveys. If you find yourself fitting more than one description, please complete the appropriate surveys from each of your perspectives. Please only complete those surveys that best fit your role(s) in the community.

Residents Click Here: Any resident of the Village of Somerset or Perry County aged 18 years or older representing a head or co-head of a household. One response per household please.
Agriculture Producers Click Here: Any agricultural production operation including crops, livestock, etc. Does not include value-added agriculture industries, farmers markets, and similar. Respondent should be the person most familiar with the operation’s use of technology. One response per operation.
Businesses Click Here: Any business establishment (other than agriculture) located in the Village of Somerset or greater Perry County area. Respondent should be the person most familiar with the business’ use of technology or the owner. One response per business establishment.

The survey does request personal information, but rest assured that your information is confidential, and you have the option not to answer any question that might be used to identify you. We take your privacy very seriously. Your information will not be sold, traded, or otherwise transferred to outside parties without your consent.  The information you provide will be added to our database and will only be used for educational and research purposes that will help improve broadband availability, access, and use in your area.