Solutions: Develop a Telehealth Partnership

Develop a Telehealth Partnership

GOAL: The goal of this solution is to bring together the appropriate and interested parties in the community to enable telehealth services that will enhance the services available in the community. This may be the augmentation of services already provided in the community by primary care physicians and clinics, or it may be providing acute care services through partnerships with other local entities.

DESCRIPTION: Telehealth is making healthcare more accessible to people around the world. The application of Telehealth is broad, however, hospitals, clinics, physicians, and patients alike are finding great advantages from the technology. Rural healthcare services have decreased in many parts of the country due to the increasing costs of offering services. Telehealth can help reverse the trend by making it easier for hospitals and clinic to offer greater levels of service. Patients in rural areas can gain greater access to acute care, or specialty care through telehealth technologies and thus the development of a local partnership between the medical care community, and other local stakeholders offer great potential for communities. Bringing these groups together to determine the greatest medical needs of the community and then determining the appropriate application of telehealth technology can help create a stronger, healthier, and more vibrant rural community.

Suggested implementations of telehealth may be the implementation of specialty care consultations through local healthcare providers for conditions like diabetes, which often require families to travel extensive distances for general checkups. Mental health consultations are also commonly conducted through telehealth applications, as well as acute care, helping either provide urgent care service or augmenting the services of local physicians offices.


Form a project team, focused on determining the needs of the community and working to establish solutions.

-Determine the greatest medical needs of the community

-Research potential applications and solutions that can impact those needs.

-Seek ways to Partner as a community and responsible parties to bring these services to the community, recognizing rural communities that partnership may be the only way to provide some of the services the community needs most.

-Deploy the solution/s

-Educate the community on these services, and how to access these services.


-Healthcare Providers


-Local Leaders

-Libraries and Community Services

-Health Department

-Local Citizens

-Local or Regional Retailers


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