Solutions: Develop a Technology Action Committee

Develop a Technology Action Committee

GOAL: Organize, establish, and promote an empowered group of passionate and interested individuals focused on broadband and technology access, adoption, and use

DESCRIPTION: Develop a group of likeminded community-focused individuals who are passionate about the sustained education and growth of broadband and technology access adoption and use in the community. By forming this group and gaining 501c3 status the local Technology Action Committee (TAC) is empowered to take on actions that they deem necessary to the sustainability of their community regarding broadband and technology.

Ideally, the team would:

-Promote broadband and technology access adoption and use.

-Serve as the defacto voice related to broadband and technology for the community.

-Seek ways to educate and empower the community regarding broadband and technology.

-Unify the community on broadband and technology, in order to better understand and communicate broadband and technology opportunities.

-Take action on recommendations from this plan as well as others that they may find necessary or interesting and beneficial to the growth of their community.


-Determine an interim board that will be able to provide the initial leadership and direction, to set bylaws, structure, and apply for nonprofit status.

-Work with a local lawyer, reduced rate where possible, finalize the organization and get non-profit status applications completed.

-Begin regularly scheduled meetings, and recruit businesses and individuals to the TAC.

-Develop and host a technology summit for residents and businesses to increase awareness of broadband value, service options, and the potential impact on quality of life. The technology summit should facilitate community partnerships between leaders in local government and the private sector, including non-profits and private businesses in the education, healthcare, and agriculture sectors, with the goal of ensuring that residents have at least one place in the community to use powerful new broadband technologies, and that this asset will be sustained over time. Create a centralized technology portal/website that promotes local technology resources for use by residents. Resources would include calendars (promoting local tech events and showing available hours at public computer centers), online training resources, and local computer resources.


-Non-profit organizations

-Libraries and schools

-Parent-Teacher Organizations

-Broadband providers with low-cost programs

-Senior centers

-Social service providers

-Local and county government

-Local Businesses and Industries

-Economic Development Groups


Connect Ohio’s statewide Every Citizen Online public awareness campaign:

FCC’s Household Broadband Guide for determining needed speeds:

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