Solutions: Libraries and Orgs. – Create Wide Area Network

Create a Wide Area Network

GOAL: The goal of this solution is to leverage the resources of local libraries to expand their services through connectivity and digital content. This is achieved by developing a wide area network (WAN) to provide connectivity to other public/community locations expanding the physical reach of the library services.

DESCRIPTION:Libraries are a critical asset in any community, but they are often cornerstones in underserved communities. Over the past decade digital resources and internet connectivity have grown to be very important resources for libraries. Many libraries find that they simply do not have the physical space, computers and devices to meet the needs of their patrons.

Expanding the physical area, by which a library can serve, has never been easier. Utilizing any number of network technologies a library can expand its services and reach by offering services in other public or community locations. These expanded networks can be deployed utilizing any number of technologies. However wireless networks could be the most economical and lowest overhead deployment

By Expanding the libraries network to park pavilions, community centers, kiosks, bus stops, etc. the library can expand where and how the public accesses library internet services and digital content.

With libraries having access to e-rate funds, costs to implement could be offset, and both connectivity and equipment might be eligible costs


Develop a project team, ideally, a Public-Private Partnership would likely offer the greatest opportunity. The team should include: library representations, ISPs, and other relevant community leaders.

Identify location/s for library service extension

Develop a network deployment plan, and select the network technology that suits the community best.

Deploy the network

Communicate and Promote


Library Officials

Community Technology Team

Facilities Partners

Broadband Providers

Community Officials


Gigabit Libraries Network: Has worked with several libraries throughout the country on similar projects. Their focus has been to use White Space fixed wireless technologies to develop the network that feeds the extended library network.

Carlson Wireless Technologies: Carlson’s RuralConnect products have been utilized for these projects.

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