Solutions: Libraries and Orgs. – Provide Adaptive/Assistive Technologies

Provide Adaptive/Assistive Technologies

GOAL: Implement adaptive/assistive technologies in local libraries to further provide access to those with hearing and vision disabilities.

DESCRIPTION: Implement hardware and software designed to assist those with hearing and vision impairments. The library should assess the information from the American Library Association related to assistive technologies and determine what technologies can efficiently and quickly be implemented, and what hardware and software might be needed to further assist patrons with accessing both digital and hardcopy materials in the library.

These technologies range in complexity from simple tools already built into popular operating systems as well as specially designed technologies that scan and read hard copy text, magnify screens and hard copy text, or create visual cues and translate sound into text.

Implementing such technologies at the local level ensures equality of those affected by these impairments and helps provide parity among the patrons and their ability to access critical information.

Funding for these technologies may come from general library funds, local donations, or through grants.


-Determine the need of technologies based on current patronage

-Review options for technologies and hardware that would support the targeted needs

-Determine funding source (Fund Raise, Apply for Grants, etc.)

-Train Staff

-Inform and train patrons


-Local libraries

-Other community support organizations


Freedom Scientific: Supplier of Assistive Technologies and Software

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