Solutions: Agriculture – UAV Education and Training Workshop

Provide UAV Education and Training Workshops

GOAL: Surveys indicate that the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology in Agricultural production is one of the most common technologies that Ag producers are interested in or plan to use. In a report from the USDA, it’s hypothesized that the benefit of access to broadband and precision agriculture could bring an increase in the gross economic benefit of 4% for row crops, 19% for specialty crops, and 7% for livestock. The goal of this solution is to provide the knowledge and potentially the basic skills necessary to help Ag producers become more comfortable with the technology and how it might be incorporated with daily Ag operations.

DESCRIPTION: Work collectively with local AG support organizations to provide a one day workshop on UAV technology with the opportunity to see how UAVs are being deployed in the AG market to enhance and improve on daily operations and yields.

The workshop should be divided into multiple sessions: General UAV Technology, Implementation of UAVs in Agriculture, Licensing & Legal Operation, with an afternoon of hands-on training. All of the sessions are designed to help the producer understand the technology, and the use of that technology, but most importantly, the costs, and risks associated with the implementation.


Develop a planning team

Organize session speakers – (State Ag Extension, Local Ag Agencies, Vendors, Specialized Trainers)

Set the date for the event.

Promote among local Agriculture contacts


Local Ag Extension

Local Ag Support Organizations


Community Sponsors/Leaders


Colby AgTech


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