Solutions: Agriculture – Cooperative Broadband Partnership

Develop an Agriculture Cooperative Broadband Partnership

GOAL: Partnership development focused on combining resources and funding necessary to partner with a pre-existing broadband provider to bring services into rural areas that would otherwise be difficult to fund.

DESCRIPTION: Agriculture is often the number one industry in many of America’s rural communities. It also happens that the agriculture industry is also going through a technological revolution that is requiring ag producers to consider how to implement the latest in technology to remain competitive and to offer the highest yields possible from the land. These technologies typically require robust connectivity, which is generally least available in America’s rural agrarian communities.

By recognizing the need of today’s rural producers for high-speed internet, as well as their neighbors, a group of producers could form a cooperative partnership with a broadband provider to bring services to their farms. The producers may have infrastructure that could be utilized for the transmission of fixed wireless broadband, or as a cooperative, it may be that they can provide the capital necessary to make a business case feasible for a provider to build a hybrid network consisting of both fixed wireless and fiber.


Establish a planning team

Coordinate Cooperative members and Partner Provider

Establish necessary Legal standing of Cooperative and Partnership agreements

Build/establish a network.


Local Ag Extension

Local Ag Support Organizations


Community Sponsors/Leaders

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