Prosper, Texas

Connected Technology Assessment and Plan

Today, technology plays a pivotal role in how businesses operate, how institutions provide services, and where consumers choose to live, work, and play. The success of a community has become dependent on how broadly and deeply the community adopts technology resources, which includes access to reliable, high-speed networks, the digital literacy of residents, and the use of online resources locally for business, government, and leisure. Broadband internet is a foundation for economic growth, job creation, global competitiveness, and a better way of life.

The purpose of this site is to summarize the results of a community technology assessment for Prosper and to provide the next steps for addressing any deficiencies or opportunities for improving the local technology ecosystem in order to advance economic, social, healthcare, and educational opportunities for families, businesses, and institutions in the community.

Choose from the following links to explore connectivity in the community and the recommendations for improving technology inclusion.

This assessment and recommendations are a blueprint for leveraging technology to improve quality of life and advance community and economic development. A full PDF of the survey results can be found by clicking here.

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