Community Technology Advisors provide independent community broadband education across the state through the Connected Community Engagement Program by working in the best interest of communities.
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Partnership Opportunities


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Reach this diverse audience, as well as their engaged community leaders, through partnership with the Connected Community Engagement Program.

Your organization will benefit from

  • a broad and meaningful market presence with agencies and organizations working to improve communities through broadband and technology
  • a channel for the distribution and promotion of your services, products, and messaging
  • results of impacting and strengthening communities through technology

By partnering with the Connected program, your organization will extend its reach to influencers poised to implement a series of action items identified in their Technology Action Plans.  Across dozens of Connected communities, your partnership may be the bridge to introducing and engaging technology solutions that may otherwise have gone unidentified.

Connected communities benefit from your support.
Your partnership assists Connected Nation in providing guidance to communities working to create or implement their Technology Action Plans and helps communities span the digital divide for improved community and economic development.  Your partnership may be the difference communities need to realize their broadband plans.

Given Connected Nation’s reputation as a trusted advisor to its participating communities, Connected Nation seeks only reputable and similarly trusted organizations to partner with the program.

Partners are not passive supporters of the program, but rather actively offer direction and guidance in leading communities toward a brighter digital future.

Partnerships are flexible to best align with the needs of your organization and can be established at a national scale across all communities, or in one or more states, depending on your footprint.

If you are interested in partnering with the Connected program, please e-mail Eric Frederick, Vice President for Community Affairs, Connected Nation at [email protected].