Over the past thirteen months, Cherokee County has been working closely with Connected in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the broadband system in our county. I have been very impressed with their professionalism, with the depth of their knowledge base, the data they have at their disposal, and their research capability. The experience they bring from working with other communities that are striving to expand broadband infrastructure and usage has been invaluable to us.
Dennis Bush, Board of Supervisors, Cherokee County, Iowa

Connected Nation
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2pifi’s focus is to bring dedicated bandwidth or backhaul into hard to reach areas for telecom carriers, internet service providers, and communities as a whole.  These solutions are delivered using a hybrid model of fiber and high capacity microwave backhauls.  2pifi has wholesale relationships with hundreds of fiber carriers and tower suppliers across North America.  These relationships help to expedite the design process and allow carriers and communities to obtain the best prices for delivering bandwidth to hard to reach areas by leveraging existing assets (as opposed to building new).   2pifi only supplies backhaul/bandwidth and does not complete with existing internet service providers who deliver services to homes and businesses in the communities.

2pifi was recently created as a subdivision of Circle Computer Resources, Inc. (founded in 1986) to concentrate entirely on overcoming technically and geographically challenging problems in regard to data connectivity.  Each solution provided by 2pifi is custom designed. 2pifi can be reached at http://2pifi.com/ or 319.297.7494 or [email protected].


InterConnection is a Seattle based nonprofit organization that makes information and communication technology accessible to underserved communities around the world. Their mission is accomplished primarily by providing high-quality refurbished computers to nonprofit organizations and low-income people.

All computers offered by InterConnection pass a series of quality control tests and come with a one-year warranty and licensed Windows and Office software.   Visit www.interconnection.org to learn more and order computers.



Partners Bridging the Digital Divide (PBDD) works with a set of digital inclusion partners across the country who provide computer equipment and training to clients within their communities. In working with these partner agences and others willing to share their material, PBDD has developed a collection of best practices, training material, and lessons learned in establishing programs to address the digital divide. PBDD will work with communities to implement their Technology Action Plans, providing resources, expertise, and mentorship to those communities.



Digital Works helps connect people to twenty-first century jobs by offering customer service and technology training, while utilizing broadband technology for inbound customer service for global corporations. At the end of training, workers log in to work as “inbound customer service representatives.” The training provides continued mentoring with opportunities for advanced placement for upward mobility. This is work that can be done from home or at the Digital Works center. The program, launched in June 2013 in Ohio, has already placed more than 400 into jobs. More can be found at: http://digitalworksjobs.com/.


Drive is an innovative, online learning platform for engaging a community of learners, trainers, volunteers, non-profits, and public or private organizations to support the enhancement of basic digital literacy skills, job skills, life skills and prepare participants for lifelong learning in a digital world.  With over 10 years’ experience supporting underserved communities and working with over 350 community organizations, the Drive Learning Platform was launched to support communities in their efforts to get their residents to adopt broadband as a gateway to accessing global resources for education, healthcare, tourism, civic engagement, commerce and communication. More can be found at: http://driveyourlearning.org/.