Northeast Michigan Council of Governments

Regional Vertical Asset Inventory

The interactive map below provides information on broadband availability and vertical assets in Northeast Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. These vertical assets (towers, buildings, silos, etc) were identified by NEMCOG through desktop research, and Connected Nation Michigan by in-field data collection and validation.

This vertical asset inventory is intended to be a tool to help internet service providers and community leaders in the pursuit of greater access to broadband throughout the region. In rural regions, broadband is often provided via fixed and mobile wireless networks that require tall structures upon which wireless broadcast equipment can be installed. The intent of this map is to broaden the opportunities for additional or expanded wireless broadband networks by aggregating and visualizing potential equipment installation points. Questions can be directed to Wes Kerr, Director of Community Solutions for Connected Nation Michigan or to the Northeast Michigan Council of Governments.

A report on Regional Broadband Perspectives and Recommendations can be found by clicking here.