Over the past thirteen months, Cherokee County has been working closely with Connected in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the broadband system in our county. I have been very impressed with their professionalism, with the depth of their knowledge base, the data they have at their disposal, and their research capability. The experience they bring from working with other communities that are striving to expand broadband infrastructure and usage has been invaluable to us.
Dennis Bush, Board of Supervisors, Cherokee County, Iowa

Connected Nation
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Through the leadership of  Manistee County, Benzie County and township officials, and with the support of the Alliance for Economic Success and Networks Northwest, our community is participating in Connect Michigan’s “Connected Community” program.  This project will assess the current status of broadband access, adoption, and use in our area so we can develop a Broadband Technology Action Plan to improve the quality of life and economic potential across the Manistee County and Benzie County region.

Below, please find a link to the new Technology Action Plan, resources for digital literacy, teleworking job opportunities, and broadband maps of the community.

The Manistee and Benzie County plans are currently in draft form and await input from the respective broadband teams in each community. Click here for the Benzie County draft plan, and here for the Manistee County draft plan.

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