The process of becoming a Certified Connected Community had many benefits for Urbandale. It brought together the stakeholders with an interest in Urbandale’s telecommunications infrastructure. It provided an opportunity to hear perspectives and ideas on how to improve Urbandale’s broadband status. Finally, the process and award provided the focus and impetus to identify and begin work on projects. In just a few months since being certified, Urbandale is making progress.
Curtis Brown, Economic Development Office, Urbandale, Iowa

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Through the leadership of the Fairfield County Office of Economic Development our community is participating in Connect Ohio’s “Connected Community” program. The Connected program helped create a local broadband team, assessed the current state of broadband and technology in the community, and the team and Connect Ohio worked together to create a community Technology Action Plan to improve the quality of life and economic potential across Fairfield County.

Below, please find a link to the new Technology Action Plan, resources for digital literacy, teleworking job opportunities, and broadband maps of the community.

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