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Recommendations: Prosper, TX – Infrastructure

While the Prosper broadband team has exhibited great progress in broadband and technology advancement, this technology plan offers recommended actions that may help the community fill the technology gaps identified in this report. These recommended actions for project implementation are subject to evolution as implementers assimilate various local organizational goals and objectives.

Unserved and...
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Broadband Service Providers: Prosper, TX – Infrastructure

Broadband access refers to the infrastructure that enables a high-speed internet connection. There are two primary types of broadband connections: fixed and mobile.

Fixed broadband is delivered to a user via several technology platforms including cable, digital subscriber line (DSL) over a phone line, fiber optics, and fixed wireless. Fixed broadband is designed for...
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Regulatory Picture: Prosper, TX – Infrastructure

Through legislation, Texas made it easy for phone companies to discontinue their carrier-of-last-resort (COLR) obligations, who now no longer have a state-based legal requirement to repair or replace service once it goes down. Carrier-of-last-resort efforts started to weaken with the introduction of competition from the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Since that time the large...

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