Connected enables communities, both big and small, to tackle the challenges of broadband ADOPTION, ACCESS, and USE. The Connected program is already changing dozens of communities in states and territories across the United States.

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A broadband connection and its meaningful adoption and use is critical to all sectors – community, businesses, residential, and institutions – in order for the United States to remain competitive in a global, digital economy. The impact of such a connection cannot be overstated, and local broadband and technology planning efforts are often the most impactful means to facilitating the expansion of technology access, adoption, and use.

For nearly 15 years, Connected Nation (CN) has been helping communities across the country achieve their technology goals and create a stronger economic, educational, healthy, and sustainable digital environment in communities.  Within just the last three years, CN’s Connected Community Engagement Program has actively engaged more than 150 communities across 7 states, and these communities represent nearly 250,000 businesses, more then 4.4 million households, over 12 million residents, and nearly 12,000 community anchor institutions.

In these communities, more than 3,300 local organizations have participated in the Connected program, providing data, guidance, and collaboration to establish an environment favorable to technology-based initiatives.  Connected team stakeholders come from many various sectors, including, but not limited to, healthcare, public safety, economic development, local government, education, libraries, agriculture, Native American tribes, businesses, and Internet service providers.

Through a formal broadband planning process, Connected teams work to address a wide variety of community issues such as:

  • addressing rural telecommunications infrastructure gaps
  • improving local business outcomes through the use of online technology
  • expanding access to healthcare resources through telehealth initiatives
  • expanding the use and adoption of e-government services
  • introducing resources and collaboration through local technology workshops and summits
  • developing leading-edge device and connectivity programs for education
  • and many more!

The Connected program offers a direct, progressive intervention for accelerating the access, adoption, and use of technology. Throughout the planning process, Connected Nation serves as trusted and neutral facilitator, advisor, and advocate for proven solutions to broadband and technology issues.